1. The comment doesn’t quite explain it actually. It seems to suggest both showcasing and some kind of support service. Just some clarity about how it would function might be useful. For the record The Cox review from 2005 suggested:
    A national support programme, modelled on the Design Council’s work with businesses, to help SMEs use design.
    A review of whether strategic design work should be eligible for R&D tax credits.
    Centres of excellence in higher education for multi-disciplinary courses combining management studies, engineering and technology and creative disciplines.
    A new approach to public procurement to encourage suppliers to be more innovative.
    Raising the profile of the creative industries through a national network of design centres.

    The full report is here

  2. Whilst I don’t fear, I fear the tragic impact of culure via the industry that aims to please!!??. I was recently inspired by the link on this blogsite to Anthony J Hughes regarding the negative impact of cultural industry(come on everybody, it’s not that much cop and there’s very little that shakes the foundation of the soul in 99 per cent of cultural industry activity! Words like contrived / pretentious comes to mind). Anthony J Hughes makes some clear sense about this. I quote:

    ‘…Funding procedures and practice and the funding and economic redevelopment projects aimed at supporting ‘creative industries’ has actually become a system supporting government ‘intervention[1]’ and policy. That policy has either intentionally or inadvertently become a controlling factor in the human act of creativity and now acts in a legislative, often excluding manner and is often damaging for the industries it claims to ‘support’[2].



    I published my response to his article on my blogsite at:


    – Mr/Miss/Mrs/Ms B.

  3. I’ve gone and tried to fill in the questionnaire twice now, but I just found it difficult to understand what is being suggested (maybe that’s the point?).

    The trouble is there’s a lot to argue _for_ in there, but there’s also plenty to potentially argue _against_. The Cox review was right about a lot of things, but how that actually comes out in the real world could be interpreted in many ways – and potentially in ways that many might disagree with.

    For instance – a ‘brokerage service’ sounds great until you realise that there are plenty of businesses that are already based on brokering the services of a variety of people. Interfering in that dynamic with a potentially free or subsidised service could be pretty damaging.

    For instance – universities giving away free design services to companies could have a knock on effect in the perceived value of design services as a whole, and thus detrimentally affect the viability of small design service companies.

    Thus, a free or subsidised ‘brokerage service’ could have a knock on effect for PR, event management, software, TV, design, art direction and so on.

    The flip side would be that something like this could potentially bring in a lot of extra business to the region if managed and built correctly, especially given the growing trend for UK creative service business to be done outside of London.

    So to be honest, I need a little more info. Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear.

    Without a stronger definition of what a “Creative Marketplace” might be I’m unable to answer most of the questions in this survey, despite being interested in its content.

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