1. Winston Albert

    “For money tho if Ive read it corretly”

    That is correct!

    debut mag is an INDEPENDENT project – so any fee’s are to cover production, distribution and other activities ( launch party-yes please!) that the guys at debut carry out to support and provide a showcase for new creative talent.

    Furthermore, its a small price for those dedicated to their creative endeavour – you couldn’t get a set of 5k flyers with that sort of money nowaday either – so its pretty much unbeatable value…

    FREELY DISTRIBUTED:Top quality magazine, targeted distribution, the added esteem of featuring and being published, displayed at local venues and selected retailers and so forth.

  2. Hmm. Why would anyone want to read a magazine where they knew everyone featured had paid to be in it?
    It’s like reading a book of adverts.

    Can the artists featured buy good reviews too?

    Or maybe I’ve misunderstood the concept here…?

  3. I completely agree.

    Although I can’t fault the concept of a showcase for exciting creative talent (as that’s my job too) surely you need editorial control over who goes in the magazine to justify its tagline?

    Otherwise anyone with enough cash can hoist themselves on a pedestal, regardless of whether they have any talent?

    It’s an interesting discussion to have, especially with advertising revenue declining – my question would be, why choose print rather than online, especially when you’re first starting off building a brand from scratch?

    Good luck with the project though, look forward to seeing the first edition and seeing if this approach pays off.

  4. Winston Al;bert

    From what I know

    Its to be pretty much like a directory – hence you pretty much pay for a listing or space.Also likewise, there will be no reviews.

    RE: Carson
    “editorial control”
    Again its pretty much a directory so there’s not a stringent control over what is included. Save’s that same conversation over what is good and by what criteria – should there be a criteria – who makes the criteria and so forth.

    Which leads me on to your next point – “pedestal” – I’m sure anyone with a little foresight will want to avoid listing themselves as say an actor, with nothing to back it up. Pretty much a waste of their time and money.

    Apologies for the rant! I thought I’d do my best to dispel any misunderstanding of the concept here and other perfectly valid points that people have made.

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