1. Cheers for the posting and the fluid ramble,
    We would love to be more on the Birmingham Radar, its just we always seem too busy, Brum has a great design scene, especially with events like Hello, and Plus only around the corner…


  2. Robert Sharl

    Jonny’s comment aside, I have to wonder why it’s surprising to people that a Birmingham base shouldn’t correlate to a Birmingham client list. For many the whole point of business is to move money from one country or region to another, not to shuffle it between the usual suspects within a city scene. The business that I worked in back in the early 90’s did most of its work in Switzerland, and my own consultancy found a much more receptive and less conservative client base outside of Birmingham. Now much of my work is with colleagues in Asia, rather than the UK. Here’s to miscegenation, rather than inbreeding!

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