1. Just had hopefully a useful chat with Ed at Big Cat and presented one or two other ways of going about this. Ideally this won’t go any further.It hasn’t gone out to press yet so no damage done so far, other than spoiling a Tuesday morning for some of us…

  2. Hey all, thanks for your feedback on our comp. Especially John, very useful chat sir.

    The offending release has been recoiled and amended. It had not been taken to any media and didn’t really represent what we were after. Your initial feedback has pointed out why this was the wrong approach. Much better to come form you all so again thank you.

    The idea of the promotion was to open up a profile performance spot at the ceremony to get some really creative ideas to excite the crowd at the reception. The winners here would not be on the event programme but would be part of the pre show entertainment. John and I have talked through a few ideas, one in particular, and there are some really exciting prospects out there.

    Please, please, please forget the letter X and the word Factor. A total misrepresentation and not how we want to position the ceremony.

    As always, if any of you want to contact me about this the bat phone is always open (0121) 200 0910.

    Thanks again, Ed

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