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My backlog’s built up a bit so expect a fair few shortish items today/this weekend while I blast through all the good stuff going on.

Before that though (and following a couple of recent-ish conversations) there are a few quick things I should mention.  If these are obvious to you then please skim on.

Subscribe to CiB for free

You don’t contact all your friends daily in case they’ve got something important to tell you – they’ll email or call you if they have news.

Similarly there’s no need to visit CiB in case there’s some new info.  You’re very welcome to, but instead you might like to save time and get a daily email with all the things I’ve written about.  It’s free and you can unsubscribe whenever you like.

There’s also an ‘RSS feed‘.  RSS can be an off-putting term but basically it involves using Google Reader (or another RSS reader) as your ‘website-watcher’.  Tell it what sites you check regularly and it’ll become your time-saving one-stop-shop.  It’s how I keep track of almost 400 sites without going mental and it costs nothing.


Text in pink (or blue and underlined if you get RSS or email updates) is a ‘link’ which will send you to another website for further information.  Finding other sites to send people to is kinda what CiB is all about.  For example, here’s a link to the Film Dash challenge I’m organising (yes, that was also a shameless plug).

Blogging for creatives

There are so many small arts organisations around the West Mids that have zero (or very poor/neglected) web presence who could benefit from a blog.  They’re very cheap, easy to use (if you can use Word you’re most of the way there), versatile and they’re a credible and easily updateable web presence for anyone who needs one.

If you want a hand getting started then don’t ponder about it, just give me a shout or pop down to Pete Ashton’s social media surgery on Thursdays at Rooty’s in the Custard Factory, 4-6pm.

Advertising on Created in Birmingham

Ok, one last thing – apparently £50 for 2 weeks is outrageously cheap for what you get, but hopefully that makes it accessible to the smaller orgs/companies/events/etc.

Hope that was useful to someone.  Most people might take things like links for granted but it seems not everyone knows this stuff.