1. I agree to the above statement. The Hello Digital website does a great job of making the exciting festival seem quite dull. I hope the promotion elsewhere is creating a buzz – shame the digital side of the promotion doesn’t. Personally, I would liked to have seen more of this stuff:


    It’s also pretty hard to work out what’s going on (why is Events such a low priority nav item?) and where stuff is happening (some events are happening in the highly vague Central Birmingham)

    A real disappointment in my opinion.

  2. Chris

    I didn’t attend the festival but I do like the design of the site. It was for a “digital festival” not a graphic design festival. The understated design of the site does a good job of framing and drawing attention to the content: the events. Many of these feature striking graphics which a fussy background would have distracted from.

    Eg: http://www.hellodigital.net/events/4talent-inspiration-session-computer-generated-ani/

    Agreed, the nav could be better.

  3. Matthew Hopkins

    Wow now we have a much more detailed money map. I would love to have been at the conference just to hear the sound of mass back slapping.

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