1. Jon Bounds

    It’s a nice vid, and I’m partial to the odd bit of silent German cinema – but i must admit cribbing the description from IMDB.

  2. John

    As you’re partial to silent German ciema, and of course to the ‘meisterwerk’ that is METROPOLIS, look out in future for a re versioning of Lang’s classic tale of urban dystopia. They recently found in Argentina extra minutage from the movie, long since forgotten about, which apparently challenge long held perceptions of the film.

    Roger Shannon

  3. PS to the above.

    It’d make for a fascinating series if a number of iconic urban movies were re imagined in a Birmingham setting, picking up the cue from ‘Metropolis Birmingham’.

    ‘Betaville’ anyone, in a Godard sci fi style ?

    Roger Shannon

  4. I love Birmingham.

    It is where I grew up, went to school, college, and university and now work here.

    There is a strong sense of community in Birmingham, something that larger cities lack.

    It is home.

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