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  1. Just to inform everyone that Killriculum is actually much more than getting kids to watch scary short films while lying in coffins! We’ve just launched a unique interactive website – – where young people can edit and save horror film trailers online, they can learn all sorts of bits and bobs about horror filmmaking, and even upload their own short horror films to our gallery, from which we will ultimately chooses the best 10 to be screened at the Hello Digital Festival, where we’ll also be screening the Bride of Frankenstein followed by a Q+A session with industry professionals such as John Hough (legendary director with
    credits including Escape From Witch Mountain, Legend of Hell House and Biggles)! We’re also offering free filmmaking workshops, and the first one is this Saturday in Digbeth, so call 0121 687 1404 to find out more or book a session!

    The ultimate aim of Killriculum is to hold a three week residential film school where young people actually make a feature-length comedy horror film alongside professionals! The concept of Killriculum is completely original, and we’re really excited about it, so get down to and see for yourselves!!!

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