1. Lydia S

    Oh that’s a shame that it’s dismantled – it looked amazing. But I suppose what else can you do with a 900 sq. m photomosaic! It’s funny to think that that massive thing only existed for a day, really.

    Thanks for getting back to me; I’ll keep an eye out on the website.

  2. Hi Lydia, Jon.

    There are plans afoot to disseminate various pieces of the mosaic amongst art galleries and other venues that were involved in the Big Picture Arts Project. We’re also planning on taking some of the other panels into schools, adult learning centres and colleges across the West Midlands. We will also be holding some photography workshops to continue the legacy of great work that this project has done in engaging people with the arts.

    The whole ethos of the project is public participation – so we’d love to hear any suggestions from people! It would be great to continue working with the public on this project; answers on a postcard, please! ….

    … and of course if you have an interest in obtaining a piece of record-breaking local history I’m sure we might be able to arrange something. Email your full contact details to johnathan.branson@audiencescentral.co.uk and we will try and accommodate your requests!

    Finally, as Jon has mentioned, you will soon be able to find out more about our future plans by visiting http://www.inthebigpicture.com under the forthcoming ‘what’s next?’ section.

    (Cue debate: What can you do with an enormous 860 m2 World Record-Breaking photo-mosaic?…)


    (Audiences Central)

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