1. I’m not sure “putting birmingham on the map” is the wisest choice of words when mentioning THAT story…

    p.s. the website field on your comments entry form isn’t big enough to fit my blog’s URL in, boo!

  2. Brendan O'Neill

    They do the same thing outside football games every week. Wait for people to park and go inside and then send the lorries around to carry you all away to the pound. Its real robber-baron behaviour on the part of the council or their hirelings!

  3. Sure, ticketing as many cars as possible is the technically correct thing to do. I just reckon if that’s what was happening here it was a bit short-sighted.

  4. Thing is there aren’t grades of law here — the double yellow lines have been put there for a reason (possibly they should be single ones with daytime only restrictions, but I don’t know the area or the circumstances in which they were set up). The parking attendants don’t have the power to decide.

    I woudn’t park on a double yellow line – they’re normally there for a reason.

  5. Quite right, the law was applied. As I said in the original post there can be no argument with that. I’m not blaming the attendants.

    My point is that there was surely a more constructive solution that would’ve created less resentment and frustration – daytime restrictions would be a great example. That decision would have to be taken higher up – surely someone was sending those attendants down their every evening of the performance.

    Besides, it seems the Opera folks didn’t forsee the problem, forcing the transport folks to react to it. That lack of planning is up for as much criticism as the transport dept’s reaction.

  6. I’m playing Devil’s Advocate really Chris. I’ll be interested to see what the council say – after all do you know any council department that reacts to anything this quickly ;)

  7. I have to hold my hand up here and say I have subsequently found out that that quite industrial estate is an entrance and exit slip road to a nearby fire station…

    … I think benefit of the doubt might be the one here… oops

    I know Birmingham Opera company did everything they could to lay on transport and inform attendees including informing them on the night.

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