1. My girlfriend and I (along with several others) turned up to the 7 o’clock Sunday showing of this and nothing happened. Not even a sign saying it was cancelled. Anyone know what happened?

  2. Hey Simon, was it you I spoke to outside the library? I was wearing a black jumper and looking bemused. Turned out the meeting point was the Library Theatre, not the library itself.

    I only know cos we happened to wander round to the Library Theatre to see what was on there. The people there (not Natalie from Needle & Thread) agreed the progamme was misleading but still blamed us for the mistake so we decided not to bother trying to catch a later one.

    Shame, cos we were looking forward to that.

  3. Yeah that was me (also in jumper and looking bemused).

    Yeah it was a shame to miss it, sounded good. I know it’s my fault for standing in the wrong place but if it was just round the corner and people were missing from the guest list(I saw about ten people including ourselves wander off) you’d think someone would just do a quick ‘straggler check’ before starting. Ho hum.

    Got to see the Levellers so I was happy anyway!

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