1. dave

    This whole issue of Birmingham Council using a photo of Birmingham, Alabama they found on ‘Google Image Bank’, as I’ve heard it called so many times, should raise another far more important issue – one of companies using images legally.

    Just because the Internet has opened up images to the world doesn’t mean that they’re not legally someone’s copyrighted work and I think it’s pretty appalling that an in-house design department (or worse, an agency, if BCC used one for this) is completely clueless about the legal use of sourced photography.

  2. @dave, I’m not being an appoligist for BCC, but the image comes from iStockPhoto – whose images are watermarked so they couldn’t have just downloaded it.

    I was worried about this too, so I spent a good while comparing the images available on Google — some are similar (it must be a popular Alabama vantage point), but the one used is definitely from an image library.

    When you get there it’s clearly labelled Alabama, so they may be stupid, but not ignorant of copyright.

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