1. Hahah. First dibs. I’ll have those off you Chris. Was going to talk to you at Ads on the Walls yesterday, but there was a swarm of mingling going on.

  2. I went to the free dress rehearsal of this. I’ve never been to an opera before and was absolutely amazed. An extremely innovative performance! Decent footwear is a must!

  3. Alex – sorry, Louis’s grabbed them.

    Simon – it was my first opera too and I never expected it to be so much fun. And yes, high heels would be a bad idea!

  4. silas

    Hope you enjoy it, I declare an interest as a chorus member, but it has all the excitement of a live music performance and a great director in Graham Vick. It truly deserves a wide midlands audience. Be prepared for the unexpected – you won’t be sitting in Row C seat number 36 but I guarantee you’ll have a great experience.

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