Sutton Festival of Arts

The first Sutton Festival of Arts is launching on 9 July and carrying on to 13 July with the majority of events taking place in Saturday 12th.

Jon Hickman, the chair of the organising committee has picked out these highlights:

  • Niall Johnson hosts a showing followed by Director’s Q & A of his film ‘Keeping Mum’ which stars Rowan Atkinson, Kristin Scott Thomas and Maggie Smith (as well as everyone’s favourite surfing zen master Patrick Swayze)
  • The world’s biggest selling Bhangra performer, Malkit Singh (fresh from receiving his MBE) headlines our main stage in Sutton parade on Saturday afternoon
  • Ian Cook is doing a demo of his Pop Bang radio controlled art
  • There’s jazz, blues, a member of Scooch and a plethora of local noise merchants and indie bands performing in the pubs around town for the whole week

The programme is only available as a PDF download on the site (boo! hiss!) so I’ve stuck it on Scribd for all to see.

There’s all sorts of other things going on too.  Have a look at the Sutton Festival of Arts website and, if you’re feeling saucy, follow the Twitter profile.

If you fancy being a volunteer, I think they’re still looking for help so get in touch with them.


  1. Not being deliberately ungrateful but (!) Scribd doesn’t make it available ‘for all to see’, I can’t see it on my work pc because I don’t have the latest flash player installed (boo!hiss!). I can read pdf however…

  2. Thanks for the listing Chris.

    We do indeed need one or two volunteers to help out on the day so please do get in touch.

    Sutton people like PDF still – I know my audience ;)

    For the more tech savvy people the twitter feed will tweet them the programme as it rolls out: and if SMS is working properly those days they’ll get a text too.

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