1. I don’t think Emergent Game could really be classed as Alternate Reality because the Ludens aren’t involved in an over-arching storyline.

    Someone suggested “Collaborative Production Game” with reference to http://sf0.org/, but if we’re borrowing from their text I’d take this as a damn-fine starting point:

    “SFZero: An interface for San Francisco. That is to say, a new representation for the data that’s already there. Your mind is full of /inaccurate/ representations that are affecting the way you use the San Francisco dataflow: steering you away from interaction and collaboration and towards unproductive reflexive data loops (forNext). SFZero designers are working double-shifts to engineer this next-generation interface that will bring you together with your cohabitants to experience the freedom that is /hard-coded/ into San Francisco’s protocol.”

    [Replace “San Francisco” with any location of your choice]

  2. Surely a storyline will be given to it retrospectively, irrespective of what was planned?

    Localised- rather than meta- narratives. Is that Lyotard?

    (Load of drunken nonsense attempting to tie this in to existentialism deleted before very nearly being posted. I suspect I’ll be glad of my own prudence about this tomorrow).

    I said elsewhere that I’m not sure I understand this game but I think I like it anyway.

  3. It’s been very interesting watching the different reactions that follow on from not understanding.

    Russ L, existentialism nonsense or not, we’re pleased to have you along as a Sapiens!

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