1. This obsession with Thursday in this city kind bugs me. There was fuckall going on on Tuesday and Wednesday this week yet everything’s once again piled on the 4th day. Other than the thing I’m in there are at least three things I’d like to see tonight. Very irritating.

    It’s great that there aren’t enough days in the week to go around – shows the city is alive – but it’s time to get a little creative methinks.

  2. I believe that if you sign up with Audiences Central that they offer their members a service to check for event clashes. If a few more arts organizations signed up with them maybe they could solve this? Obviously for big things its kind of “save the date” rather than publishing early which is a challenge for old media.

  3. full on

    “Created in Birmingham,

    Linking up Birmingham’s Artistic and Creative Communities”

    Via networks of blind eyes towards what is really going on in the arts in this small town.

  4. full on

    “Care to enlighten us then? You can either be helpful or piss off. Your choice.”

    Is this a bad attitude?

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