1. my observation of the event was that it always used to be primarily the aural offence that is ‘trad’; looking at the programme it still seems heavily weighted in that direction.

    nice to see my old trumpet teacher digby fairweather playing though !

  2. You want home-grown names in the jazz fest? Try Richard Hughes, Mike Green, Steve Street, the Mike Burney Quartet, Paul Sawtell, Nick Millward, John Patrick, Brian Mellor, Keith Bill, Arthur Brown Band, the Bryan Corbett Quartet, Mick Hatton’s MJHQ, Roy Forbes, the David Moore Blues Band, the Adam Phillips Trio, Fat Lip Blues Band, Kel Elliott, Lexie Stobie, Sam Payne, they are all set to play their part.

    I haven’t yet checked with the Jazz Gestapo, but I would also include Val Wiseman, Steve Steinhaus, Boysie Battrum, Bobby Woods and Tom Hill – some born here and moved away, others vice versa. That’s as well as the co-operation with several local jazz organisations which include a bunch more local players – and there’s an exhibition of the paintings of local musician and bandleader King Pleasure.

  3. Worth checking out are the Cobweb Collective;s Jam Session at the Yardbird on Wednesday 9 July and the Walsall Jazz Orchestra at the Symphony Hall bar on Thursday 10 July. Cobweb is a bunch of Birmingham Conservatoire students and graduates – some very talented players and a really fresh take on jazz with a particularly Birmingham spin. Also, the fab film about Chet Baker, Let’s Get Lost, is showing at the Electric.
    Definitely worth a look.

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