1. What an explosion of responses. Perhaps it has gone a little too far and instead people have got carried away using it as an example to demonstrate the power of blogs.

  2. I opened my email to find a link to the 4tallent site and an article on ‘WASTED TALENT?’ about battle of the bands ripping people off. Topical, i thinks, then i read on to find its actually inspired by CIB and birmingham blogers!

    “Surface Unsigned recently showed that you can’t fool all the people all the time when they issued a cease and desist notice to the Created in Birmingham blog. The ensuing furore at their attempt to stifle criticism in such a clumsy fashion has shown a lot of people how un-sussed these chaps are about basic PR skills, never mind the ways of the music industry.”


  3. Of course I agree that music should not involve bands having to pay to play and I would not involve my own band or advise others to get involved with surface unsigned, i have never had any interest in battle of the bands or any other strategies to get tickets and beer sold….. but surface unsigned has a right to do it’s own thing, maybe i’m wrong, maybe I missed the point, maybe people don’t have to get involved if they don’t want to but….If this blog, perhaps, and it’s readership is going to act in a similar way as to how I imagine a witch hunt… can we take Dave Harte to task next over his hilarious leadership of Digital Central or perhaps The L.S.C over Gigbeth, or Creative Networks over the rest? How about birminghamusic.com, how about some other projects that may actually put up a fight? How about Birmingham City Council….Come on people, surface unsigned are not the enemy, fair enough draw attention to the issues but don’t assassinate them in the process, none of us are perfect and this sort of thing just makes me wonder what the hell all of this and all i’m involved with…. is all about? Have I lost the plot? What day is this? Or are the lot of you using surface unsigned as an excuse to promote your own righteousness and your blogs and websites in the process?

  4. Personally, the pay to play business model doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

    My issue with Surface is that when they saw something written about them they didn’t like they (wrongly) invoked the law. They referred to their ‘standard procedures’ in this sort of situation and threatened legal action against one of CiB’s contributors. They wanted to appear big & scary and we reacted as if they were.

    None of this was necessary and to be honest I’m growing less keen on such negativity attached to this blog.

  5. Chris said – “None of this was necessary and to be honest I’m growing less keen on such negativity attached to this blog”

    Glad to hear it Chris, I hope you understand i had to make a small comment but essentially I’m supportive of those who faced up to the issues involved but it’s a difficult area…..nuff said. The rest of your work here seems pretty good to me, keep on keeping on mate. and it’s ok, I don’t really find Dave Harte hilarious…or at least not all the time but I’m sure you get where I’m coming from…

  6. I can’t help but think that everyone who attempts to use pretend legal threats to silence criticism deserves as strong a response as sensible people can give them, be it Surface Unsigned or anyone else. Use as many deliberately emotive terms as ‘Witch Hunt’ as you must, but I’m glad it happened here and I hope it happens next time the matter comes up too.

  7. […] Speaking of occasional contributor, I just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate CrIB on winning the best UK blog 2008. And, because in some press my name has been mentioned with it, feel the need to state my part is, and was, only ever a small footnote in its progressively amazing history. To receive ANY congratulations myself would be to play down C-c-c units and Guru Pete’s hard work. In fact Jules’s contribution is oft overlooked and has the added bonus of not causing a massive shitstorm. […]

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