Midlands Typographic Real Estate

A group of BIAD students are frantically raising money for their final year exhibition (they have to fund it themselves). Fundraising efforts have so far included a bake sale, a raffle, a club night in the Arcadian, a book stall and a t-shirt sale.

The next event will be a night at the Flapper & Firkin on Thursday 15 May but in the meantime:

June the 11th sees the launch of a site-specific artwork, created from the regions leading brands, which will span the entirety of the central exhibition hall of the Department of Visual Communication, creating an expressive environment with your identity and mark your place within the business and cultural communities.

You certainly can’t knock their hustle. If you can help or if you know anyone who can then contact the deputy course director David Osbaldestin – details are on the press release.

Further info about them can be gleaned from their Facebook page.