links for 2008-05-02

  • Jessica’s doing a work placement at Punch Records and is blogging about it. Please drop in and say hi.
  • Dunc from Autumn Store has been eyeing up The Indie Lounge in Selly Oak which apparently opened it’s doors yesterday. They seem to have zero web presence though.
  • Tonight The Curate’s Egg have got Crevecoeur playing as part of their electronica extravaganza (eggstravaganza? Um, sorry) at the Hare & Hounds – peep the flyer yo.
  • 8 May is Big Picture Day and every photo added on that day will be in with a chance of appearing on giant billboards around the region.
  • Craig Holmes is an award winning photographer based in the Midlands, who predominantly photographs architecture, property and cities for a wide variety of clients and he’s just launched the nicely blog-ish
  • The next round of instructions for the Ludens in the Emergent Game have been delivered upon us and it’s a reconnaissance assignment. If you’ve not got involved yet then this bank holiday weekend should give you an excellent chance to catch up – it won’t take long at all and it’ll be worth it I’m sure.


  1. Hi! I am an Australian artist visiting Birmingham for 4 days to see relatives. Just wanted to say that I found this blog when I searched for info on art to check out while I’m here, and it seems to be a good resource for visitors. This “links” post is a useful way to locate some shows to catch, but as Birmingham is a biggish city, I’m wondering if there is more around that isn’t covered? Is there anyway you could make “what’s on” easier for a visitor to find quickly?

  2. Hi Amanda. There’s loads that CiB doesn’t cover. CiB isn’t really a ‘What’s On’ and isn’t meant to be anything like comprehensive. We’ll try and pick things out occasionally but for that sort of thing you’d be best picking up a copy of What’s On and starting there.

    Or maybe a ‘CiB recommends’ before each weekend would be a good idea. Thoughts anyone?

  3. This has been a gaping hole in Birmingham’s media for a while – how do visitors find out about interesting stuff going on here? Or indeed casually interested locals? Whats On is free but has a pretty broad remit, and we could really do with something which regularly goes off the beaten track a bit more – along the lines of Venue in Bristol or The List in Glasgow. We produce a regular 7inch listings mailout (archived here) and places like CiB and woib are trying to fill the gap, but to really do the job I think it’ll need to happen in print as well as online, and have a strong editorial stance like this place – not just dependent on blurb from promoters. Here’s hoping…

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