links for 2008-04-17


  1. having a look at, i have to admit (& call me cynical if you will) to being dubious – it’s amazing that a social networking site based in the uk which nobody here appears to have heard of can boast so many members, & that when one does searches for combinations of people choosing some fairly obscure search criteria, it still claims ‘100+ pages’ of results – yet when you look at the profile pages they’re all ‘new on here’ with no friends yet. i reckon most of the members are made up just to make the place look busy.

    i do wonder if there’s any point in a new social networking site with general reach entering the market at a time when myspace, facebook, & bebo have pretty much got saturation coverage (& are indeed apparently now in decline); i’d say for new entrants to the market to have any point they’d need to be niche rather than general.

  2. Mikey M

    youmeo is new, if I read correctly, I’d heard of pplparty.. got an account on there somewhere. The new site looks good, features could give facebook a run for there money? I agree with empty profiles tho..

    I don’t think we support local companies enough, hence why all the success stories are abroad. I say c’mon bham.. or Coventry even!

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