Digital vs Analogue

On Saturday semi-serious (i think) art group Digital Is Dangerous will be hosting a debate on digital technology’s role in the creative process. Conformed speakers include Robin Giorno, Jonathan Green, Keir Williams and artist and researcher for Wolverhampton uni Robert Grose (cant find a website sorry).

Event starts at 3pm and goes on till 5pm with D.I.D providing “a wonderful selection of edible digital nipples” and this all goes down at Jibbering Records in Mosley. I’ll be the one in with the long hair and mouth full of nipples.


  1. Sounds really good, unfortunately I’ll be the one 200 odd miles away at a lower division football match.

    I’ve been looking for an excuse to go into Jibbering as it looks really nice, but my music tastes are in no wall cool enough to warrant it.

  2. Well it looks like D.I.D will be having an exihibition starting on the first of may

    *checks flyer*

    yep its called” Noah was a Record Collector” the launch night is a bring your own booze affair, but has some cool stuff. will post sooner to the time

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