Muslim Writers Awards

Caption: “Aliya Vaughan, Muslim Writer of the Year 2008, look in awe at the guest of honour Jermaine Jackson as he presents her with her Award. In the background stand the judges who reviewed the 10,000 entries that were received. Aliya is aged 37 and hails from Brixton in South London.”

The Muslim Writer of the Year 2008 awards ceremony took place on Saturday at the ICC, presented by none other than Jermaine Jackson. West Midlands winners were former Guantanamo detainee Moazzem Beg (Published Writer) and Kashif Choudry (Short Story)

Annoyingly the press release I was sent isn’t on the awards site or the council’s page so I’ve popped it online here.


  1. Aliya Vaughan

    Congratulations on being the first off the press! How else can we make you look good – want to be the first to recieve a comment from the Writer of the Year, Herself?

  2. Kashif Choudhry

    Cogratulations to Aliya, and all the other winners. I think it’s great that you covered the event in your blog, and on this fantastic site! We need to make sure the event stays local as it increases in size- ‘Created in Birmingham’ (much like myself)

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