Local Shorts Film Club

Local Shorts Film club is a free semi-regular showcase of locally made short films, which include a Q and A session with the film makers. The closest thing to a web-site I have found is here, but contains all the relevant information, with details how to submit a short film here.

The lack of web-site, ropey flyers and naff names aside, The next night is on April 9th with the title “Super Eclectic Mix Night” and is at the Library Theatre near Central Library.


  1. II’m really looking forward to this event. I sometimes feel a bit lonely as a creative video artist/ filmy type person, it would be great to meet some other people Brummy people who think spending their spare time in gardens at two in the morning setting up sheets and bamboo frames behind a car to make old style back projection was normal…

    Wouldn’t be lovely if an online community of amateur / filmers’ was to kick off? The discussion board on film Birmingham doesn’t seem to really fulfil its potential to connect us. It seems like I always need a favour or advice like borrowing a running machine or info on the cheapest place to rent lights. My poor boyfriend (Danny) is getting seriously annoyed by being my voluntary crew (who can blame him were filming at 6 in the morning in town and geeks really value sleep).

    What im trying to gauge I guess is would anyone else be up for this kind of camaraderie?
    Would it be cool if we all had twitter so we could test out ideas ask how to do something or beg for those odd props filming requires? Or would it be lame and end up heading into idea theft territory? If I lent you my front room as a set would you hold my boom mic?

    I recon Pete will tell me to get off my ass and just do this –so if I did would anyone be interested?

  2. […] I went to the imaginatively titled Local shorts Film Club, which I previously talked about here. I was pleasantly surprised to find a large turnout (a quick head count of around 80) maybe its […]

  3. Stewart Addison

    Rachel Marchant message me at stewadd at hotmail com. I’m interested in networking with creative brummy types. Thanks, Stewart

  4. Adam

    I’m a sound recordist and I’m really interested to get involved with local INTERESTING talent. I cant offer you a front room to film in but I’ll definately hold your boom mic =]. Sooo,,, yeah, get intouch.
    adamblenkiron at live.co.uk

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