My Fierce Festival – vote now!

This year, we get to vote on what we want to see as part of the Fierce Festival!

After a decade of stop-you-in-your-tracks live art events and performances FIERCE is trailblazing once more giving you, the audience, the power to program your own festival!

We’ve reserved a range of spaces from theatres to pavements, broom cupboards and dressing rooms. You decide what goes in them.

* Read the artist pitches
* Choose your top three performances and vote!
* Come back to build your festival line up and use the leader board to help you.

Shows with the least votes will be eliminated; the most popular shows will be performed LIVE during Fierce Festival at venues across the West Midlands 23rd – 26th May.

They has a blog too :)


  1. Thanks for mentioning this. I think you were the first to link to the site when it launched so congrats on the scoop!

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