Hello, As Pete mentioned, I’m Danny and I will be your guest blogger for a while, I will be trying to give you all the Birmingham friendly creative news that I find, although my main priority will be not screwing up like deleting the internet, getting Pete sued into the ground, or accidentally starting a Civil War. If there is something that you feel should be covered and I have missed, drop me a line at artiseasy(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk.

I don’t feel so much that I have been given the keys to a brand new sports car, as much as that I’ve been given the keys to an 18 wheeler lorry and its my job not to plough that bugger into a bus queue full of nuns and orphans. So without further adoing

  • A nice interview with Catherine O’Flynn, winner of the Costa First Novel Award here.
  • Audiances Central normally have some good opportunities, these caught my eye, or rather caught my girlfriends eye, she’s giving me a hand and lovely hands they are too.


  1. Welcome, Danny! Looking forward to your updates.

    And remember, that if anyone is going to break teh internets in Brum, that’ll be me.

  2. Julia Gilbert

    Hiya Danny, welcome to the CiB guest bloggers club! Actually I think I might start using CriB rather than CiB, easier to say :)

  3. hey Russ, you got mistaken for me?! was you drunk? (i’m so over the whole audience thing now, it can stay broked).

    And thank you for the welcome everyone, how did you know about my Dyslexia Nojuh? was that a guess or did you track down a reference in my blog? or do i know you?

  4. I was hoping that crushingly embarrassing experience of talking to Russ for at least half an hour thinking he was Danny would never resurface but what can you do. I’m shit with names and faces, more so right now. You guys don’t even look the same.

    Danny, the fact that you’re dyslexic makes you even more qualified for this job. I’ve made more typos on this blog that I care to remember. ;)

  5. The fact that I didn’t realise you thought I was someone else for about half an hour doesn’t make me look any the cleverer, either.

    I’m easily forgettable, anyway. Everyone does it. Crap with both names and faces myself, too, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

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