Do you

del.icio.usDo you use the social bookmarking service Do you come across links that might be of interest to Created in Birmingham readers? Can you really not be faffed to email me the link? If you can answer all these questions with a Yes then read on. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about and have no interest in finding out then don’t worry.)

Next time you bookmark something add the tag for:peteashton. This will put it in this list which I’m monitoring. If I think it’s worthy then I can post it here with just a couple of clicks.



  1. Nice to see you using Pete. I’ve been a big advocate of it for a few years, using it to share links, populate link lists and blogs, exchange ideas with students, that kind of thing. Anyone thought of any other great uses?

  2. It’s probably not very obvious but those links that appear every day or so at 5am, they come in automatically from

    Another use I heard of (from Antonio Gould I think) was for a business to have one person who monitors the feeds and adds relevant stuff to delish which is then emailed to everyone in the office using Feedburner as a daily digest of stuff they should know about. Quick and easy and, over time, creates a massive info bank for the business.

    There are bound to be more. It’s a quite fantastic thing. Simple is the new powerful and all that.

  3. Yeah I’ll add you in on the tags when I find stuff. I’ve turned the resources for Iron Man into tagged Delicious bookmarks rather than filing them away onto pages, the ones with relevance to Birmingham I’ll tag for you too

  4. You won’t be entirely shocked to learn that Andrew Dubber pointed me at this a couple of years ago. It’s excellent and the only thing that lets it down is me when I forget to use it.

    I’ll add you in to anything of interest I see from now on.

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