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While the ceremony for the Guardian Media Awards might have been a bit of a farce, the philosophy behind the awards is a good one, celebrating innovation rather than some arbitrary metric of “success”. And I don’t just say that because Created in Birmingham got one. In Monday’s Guardian there was a supplement featuring interviews with all the winners and I was rather pleased with how mine came out, particularly as it was conducted by phone with me still in bed.

Oddly the articles don’t seem to be online so I’ve scanned the blogging spread.


The full size jpeg weighs in at 1.5mb and I have some copies of the supplement if those recording the cultural history of Birmingham think it a worthy addition to their files.

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  1. Thanks for posting this – the Guardian may have been on sale on the day but we couldn’t get to the store (storms) so we missed it. Good article, sorry about the award ceremony!

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