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  1. I saw this last night at the Floodgate street venue. I’ll fess up immediately and say I am biased – I work for Fierce! who co-commissioned this piece – but I really urge anyone interested in film, theatre, unusual experiences and corridors to see this piece.

    It’s funny, moving, terrifying, intriguing, mystifying, frustrating, exciting and beautiful – all in 90 minutes or so. It is also another prime example of the exciting talent that Birmingham has to offer – a talent that is recognised – in the case of Stan’s Cafe LITERALLY world-wide – but is often overlooked in our own fair city. Haul your ass to the dark side of Digbeth – buy your ticket (also available from mac – 0121 440 3838) and marvel.

    Thank whoever it is that you want to thank that you live in a city as interesting as Birmingham!

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