Graffiti Art Festival

Martin Mullaney’s blog brings news of a Graffiti Art Festival, to be held in Kings Heath Park on the weekend of 15th-16th March from 12noon to 6pm each day.

From Martin’s blog:

The Festival is being jointly organised by Bishop Challoner School and In A City Arts, 21 York Road. The Festival is being funded from Community Chest Funds awarded by the Moseley and Kings Heath Ward Committee.

The Festival is part of a series of measures to move local teenagers from graffiti tagging, which upsets residents, to the legal form of graffiti art.

The tennis courts in Kings Heath Park will be filled with 75metres of 8foot high boards. The next door basketball court will have ramps for skateboarders and BMXers. There will also be food and music.

Professional graffiti artists will be on hand to show off their skills and advise younger teenage artists – young people who wish to participate will be able to come along through booking a place through the new ‘INACITY Arts’ Graffitti shop on York Road who will give them a time slot and will manage the Graffiti element of the day itself. Teenagers who are known to be taggers will not be allowed to use the paint facilites.

There will also be a marque in case of poor weather

If the event is a success, then funds will be made available for more during the Spring and Summer.

Martin also announces that there will be a full time managed legal graffiti zone behind Kings Heath Baptist Church on the High Street opening in mid-March.

In A City Arts MySpace page.

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  1. jack

    dear sir/madem,

    we would like to particapate in this event.
    would we be able to book a place using this website? would would be grateful.

  2. Julia Gilbert

    Hi Jack,

    You need to book places through the In A City Arts shop:

    21A York Road
    Kings Heath

    Tel: 0121 443 2209

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