Barfly takes over Sanctury

Barfly%20-%20Whats%20OnAfter many rumours over the last month The Barfly group has taken over the Digbeth Institute building previously run by the Sanctuary club. Currently Barfly sublet the back room with its entrance on Milk Street with a capacity of 400. This will increase their Birmingham audience sizes to 2,250, albeit split between at least three rooms. Comparatively the soon to be relocated (possibly to the old Dome building on Bristol St) Academy venue holds 3,000.

via BhamPostJoanna


  1. This is great news – about time we had a mid-level venue in Brum…and the Barfly needs a bit of an over-haul!

    Anyone know any more about the future of the Academy and when it’s likely to move??

  2. chai wallah

    I saw the Sanctuary was closed – I hope this is why! Let’s hope the new venue becomes the effective Academy replacement. Much more character (I have fond memories of seeing Mogwai there) – indeed, I hope they don’t arse this up in refurbishing and refitting “with state of the art facilities”. Frankly I’d rather see it open sooner and a lot grubbier.

  3. Bob

    The academy is going to the site of the old dome. For those of you who remember those long trips underneath the motorway and the ever friendly bouncers i’m sure that we will all be looking forward to it!

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