Post Culture roundup

On the plus side we’ll all be able to track the culture articles on the Birmingham Post’s website much easier when their new site launches next week. On the downside that means these links will probably be broken next week. Ah well. Here’s my picks from the last fortnight or so.

A director who lets the play do the talking
Director Paulette Randall talks to Terry Grimley about the social issues underpinning Roy Williams’ new play.

Katherine revives a humble craft technique of old Birmingham
Terry Grimley meets the Barber Institute’s sculptor-in-residence.

Oratory blurs glorious Cathedra sound
Maggie Cotton reviews Ex Cathedra at Birmingham Oratory.

Heard the latest news – Editors are back in town
Jon Perks speaks to Editors frontman Tom Smith.

More reasons to celebrate our talent
Peter Bacon’s Jazz Diary

Nicola keeps to a tough schedule
Only just out of her teens, young violin virtuoso Nicola Benedetti is philosphical about the rigours of a jetsetting career, writes Terry Grimley.

A young composer who takes success in her stride
Birmingham Conservatoire graduate Joanna Lee talks to Christopher Morley about her new commission for the Orchestra of the Swan.

From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success
Harborne’s Moorpool Players got more than they bargained for when they presented themselves as the Reformation Players and unleashed an evening of dramatic disasters under the heading of Coarse Acting Strikes Back.


  1. Broken links? Surely not!

    It’s relatively straight forward to make a long list of all of the links on the site, put them into a database and then do 403: Moved Permanently redirects on them to their new homes.

    That way, no loss of Google Rank, no broken links, happy happy bloggers.

  2. Oh, I know that and you know that and I’m sure the tech bods behind the Post’s site know that but I’m not holding my breath.

    Ten4 wiped out their entire archive when they changed from Ideas Factory and I fully expect them to vanish again when they switch to 4Talent. Maybe. It’s still a little confusing over there.

    Suffice to say a relaunch tends to be a bit too forward thinking…

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