Photo by Steve Gerrard

Insectoid, a collective that’s been creeping into my consciousness of late.

Here’s one of their tunes, Giant Termite Queen:

Coming out of the a.a.s. group their members include Ana Milgram and Antonio Roberts, the latter of whom gives the game away in this post.

It seems they’ve been active for at least 18 months with a performance at Artsfest 06 on Eastside Green but the above photo, part of a shoot by Steve Gerrard (scroll down in that post) implies they’re looking to take things further. Where exactly I do not dare enquire…


  1. I will suggest it to the others, Russ

    We now have a YouTube page if anyone would like to see more InsectoidHiveMind

    We have a big performance coming up in London in May, but a few other things before that, I’m sure. Will keep you posted.

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