Artists for Chocolate


News reaches me of the artists who’s work will be in the new Cadbury building in Bournville.

Jo Naden will create a bronze sculpture based on the form of a cocoa seed pod, drawing on the rich history of the plant as a “food of the gods”.

Eryka Issak’s large scale glass sculpture will quite literally “flow” down one of the building’s pure white walls, using overlapping 3D curved glass to give the sense that the work is a flowing stream of Dairy Milk chocolate.

Chris Keenan’s photographic set, Purple Interventions, will use the trademark Cadbury purple coloured props such as balloons, traffic cones, lights, flags and painted blocks to create surreal and playful images of Bournville landscapes and street scenes.

Matthew Robinson will produce a large scale print, taking direct reference from parts of the Cadbury factory building and surrounding area. Taking new digital photographs and melding them with a variety of archived sketches and digital pieces, the work will form a digital montage using manipulation to a point where a new sense of multi-dimensionality is formed.