stepStep is the art show currently running at Crowd6 in Bearwood.

Charlie Levine will be curating the first three shows in her Step series, an ongoing exploration of the ideal way to present art. The show takes a strong standpoint on the perfect way to see a piece of art, and there are a few rules which must be obeyed. The most prominent of which is that artworks should not be distorted by the sensual happenings of other artworks. Therefore they must necessarily be displayed on their own, as a single unit within the gallery. As such, each of Levine’s three steps will feature a single piece of work by a different artist, exhibited one at a time in the gallery space.

There are three steps:
STEP ONE – Will Clifford (1st – 7th Feb)
STEP TWO – Beverley Holden (8th – 14th Feb)
STEP THREE – Caitlin Griffisths (15th – 21st Feb)

Ben Neal reports from the the opening night, from where I nabbed the above photo. Go read his account, particuarly for the last bit.