Sally Luton on BOC

The Stirrer has a short interview with Sally Luton of the Arts Council where she lays out the conditions for Birmingham Opera Company to continue to receive funding. Here’s the meat:

“The issue has never been, ‘is this good quality work?’ The issue is that the work happens infrequently, so how can we ensure that a company which claims to be about community opera actually is part of the community.

“Each of their projects tends be a one-off which is very exciting, but what happens afterwards? Can we have a programme of year round activities, maybe by developing partnerships? That’s the issue.

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  1. On a professional level I assist and support Bimingham Opera Company with their Audience Development Activity as their account Manager at Audiences Central.

    However on a personal level I was lucky enough to be involved in La Traviata at the NIA as part of there community chorus.

    I must say that I found the experience life changing, inspiring, engaging, educational, community enhancing and thoroughly enjoyable. I have also developed a new personal audience for opera in my 7 month old son who was often besieged by my constant warblings and singing practice.

    As a keen supporter and advocate of Birmingham Opera Company and also of the unheralded and dedicated work of the West Midlands Arts Council regional office, I’m really pleased to hear that conversations are taking place to help generate a shared path to success that will allow Birmingham Opera Company to continue to be one of the unrivalled creative pioneers of the region.

    After all I’m a chorus singer now and need all the avenues to the stage I can get :)

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