NGA’s Digital Utopia


This year’s New Generation Arts Festival website appears to be a blog, which makes sense as the theme is Digital Utopia. If you sift through the hyperbole (“UK’s definitive platform for new, exciting talent” indeed) there’s some clues as to what’s happening.

The topic of this year’s festival will be Digital Utopia, where the emphasis and exploration of the digital theme takes the stage through a dynamic blend of celebrated talent and hotly tipped emerging artists on the verge of international success. The festival’s cutting edge, no holds barred ethos is firmly translated into this year’s exciting calendar. Pushing the boundaries of innovation, 2008 will feature over 35 massive performances, exhibitions and special features including key events actively interacting with its audience, providing a heady dose of digital art extravaganza.

There’s also some info on the About NGA page and it all kicks off on June 5th.