Cuts revealed

D’log has the full list of Arts Council cuts in the West Midlands and rather than repeat them here I’ll send you over to him. He’s got links to them all and commentary.

Actually, his commentary on Midwest was taken to task by Nikki Pugh who gives a nice account of her experiences with the organisation.

In related news it seems the Birmingham Opera Company have been saved. Sort of. According to The Stirrer there’s no money for this financial year but funding for 2009-10 has been “reserved”. General manager Jean Nicholson is quoted as saying “Hopefully, this can be the start of a new relationship with them. We’ll have the chance to restate what we can do, they can tell us what they expect from us, and hopefully we can meet somewhere in the middle.”

I’ve not been completely on the ball in keeping up with the Arts Council shenanigans but D’log has so if you need to catch up go read him.