Tomb Raider fanfilm at Light House


Here’s an odd one. Tomb Raider: Ascension is a fan film for the video game franchise of the same name. Such things are not unusual but this one came out of the West Midlands. Filmed in 7 days with a budget of £10,000 it was directed by Steven Reynolds with support from local production company Aquila TV. The actress playing Lara is Anna Tyrie a recent graduate from the Birmingham school of acting. Here’s the trailer:

The full 60 minute film will be shown at the next Screen Forum meeting on February 7th at 7pm at Light House, Wolverhampton followed by a Q&A with the crew:

This is an opportunity to see low budget filmmaking at its most action packed and to hear more from the filmmakers themselves about getting productions off the ground, finding finance and getting films distributed. The Q&A panel will include: Stephen Reynolds, (writer, producer, director, editor) Michelle Duffy (assistant producer/director), Phil Mountford, (music) and Nat Higginbottom (Co-producer, crew chief and head of Aquila TV). The Q&A will be chaired by Tom Norton who runs West Midlands Producers’ Forum.

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  1. safa

    i love every think about tomb raider

    and i hope this new actrees can be good as much as lara croft

    i realy wish that tomb raider be number one in all the world…
    because she has been the one in my life

    thank you all

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