Monosin film festival

The Monosin Short Film Festival takes place at the Mono bar in the Arcadian centre on Tuesday 11th March. There’s no website I can find but piecing together various bits from around the web gives a good idea of where it’s coming from.

This BBC article about last year’s event explains where the organiser, Tamsin Hunt, got the idea from.

“I wanted to turn it into an event where people trying to break into their chosen careers got the opportunity to network, and most importantly a chance to show our films to industry professionals who may influence and consider us for future projects. I chose a bar as opposed to a theatre to create a social, casual, relaxed environment, where people can arrive and depart as they wish and a place where the public will feel welcome.”

The Call for submissions is up on Film Birmingham and emphasises the informal nature of the event. In essence it’s a free space for short-film makers to show their work for cast and crew along with their peers and people from the industry who are attracted to the curatorial nature of the event.

There are three deadlines:

Deadline for Show Reels, Music Videos, Trailers, IN AVI FILES is Friday February 22nd 2008.
Deadline for Short Films on DVD is Tuesday 4th March 2008.
Deadline for artists, make up artists, musicians, dancers, performers to submit involvement is Friday 7th March 2008.

Submitting is free as is the event itself. Contact details here.