Music is all about the lists

I just wasted two hours of my life writing about the 10 Birmingham bands I think are quite bloody marvelous so the least you can do is go read it. There’s even audio to back up my assertions, and the invitation to draw my attention to other potentially bloody marvelous bands in the region. Get to it. (Pointing out typos is optional, as ever.)


  1. Good choice. You did forget your friends Una Corda though, maybe because they haven’t played in a while, but also are comparable to the top 10.

    A complete plug but if people want to check out Beestung Lips their EP is for sale through Capsule records;)

  2. Hey Pete, did you get the info I sent you on Johnny 2 Bad having a hit in lithuania? Surley they deserve a mention somewhere as one of the hardest working reggae bands from the local area??

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