Design Pavilion


Missed this one, but then I don’t go up to Victoria Square very often these days. Design City 08 is a “celebration of design focussed experiences, bringing alive the rich culture of Birmingham to demonstrate British talent and place the region firmly on the map of national design excellence” that’s been running this week – here’s the What’s On. The above photo is of the Design Pavilion:

Unique design consultancy IntheDetail have been commissioned to demonstrate the connectivity of design in the Birmingham region through their relationships with creative individuals and have worked with the chosen companies to design a showcase Pavilion. The Design Pavilion will be installed in the city centre within Victoria Square fro the duration of the event, showcasing the work of 12 local designers including Scabetti, MRF, Pottinger and Cole, Glass Domain and Guinea Pig Design. The Victoria Square area of Birmingham has significant cultural relevance to the event, due to the locality of the Art Gallery and the newly refurbished Town Hall. The location of the Design Pavilion here, leads into an area of urban regeneration that features examples of the city’s new architectural face.

The Design Pavilion is located at the heart of Design City and focuses on creativity paired with professionalism, aiming to present ranges of Birmingham based creative industries working at the forefront of their chosen fields. Design City not only aims to attract the visitors from Interiors Birmingham, but intends to increase awareness of the local and national creative talent working in and around the city.

It’s been extended until tomorrow morning so if you’re in town tonight do have a look-see.

Heads up from Helen Graham at Guineapig Design who’s “TableManners” is part of the show: “table etiquette for the PlayStaion generation. How to get TV dinners back onto the dining table (and people communicating again) via remote-controlled salt and pepper-pot battle mischief, around correctly laid out place settings.”


  1. Actually it’s Graham’s TableManners from Guinea Pig Design (Helen is my girl and I have been sneaking out mails from her MacBook whilst stuck at her house and overdosing on Lemsips… think I might be rumbled now! ; ) But hey, thanks for the posting anyway. Graham

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