Jean Michel Jarre comes to Brum


Exciting news for anyone who fancied themselves and rock and roll star with their Casio keyboard in the 80s – Jean Michel Jarre is playing Symphony Hall on March 27th, performing the album Oxygene in full with the original instruments.

I wouldn’t normally plug such a thing on this blog but hey! Part of my childhood! Sure, a part that I spent 20 years trying to forget, but still!


  1. I dunno Pete. Oxygene is a fine album, as were the handful that followed. The next 7 or so? Well, in a word, they’re poo.

    So, trying to forget the original stuff is probably looking through t’wrong end of telescope ;)

  2. If you’re allowed to forget that, then I’m allowed to forget getting caught playing air guitar to Ultravox in my vest and pants. In the living room. Of my student digs. By the landlord. Oh lumme.

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