Quotes of Note

I really should start collecting quotes which, while on their own might just raise a smile, together would illustrate why Birmingham’s a rather interesting place to be. So let’s start a series right here, starting with this one from the Facebook listing for Earth’s Birmingham gig. Support is Lash Frenzy, a side project of Andrew Parker of Einstellung.

“This project brings together 2 bass players and 3 guitarists to explore gravity and resonance. In homage to Earth, this performance will be played in the key of C, as the earth resonates in the key of C.”


Any other great quotes you find lying about the place, let me know.


  1. Interesting story about Einstellung, facebook and great quotes.
    Someone in Phenoix, Arizona recently started an Einstellung group on facebook.
    Correspondence revealed that he is an expat brummie who started the group because:

    “It makes me proud that Brum has bands like Einstellung & Jesu making incredible music.”

    Meanwhile back over on myspace/youtube 3 mobile phone video clips of Einstellung playing at Audioscope are now up. The sound is a bit brutal but a floor to ceiling backdrop of Wings of Desire and the band giving it beans is quite a sight.

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