Harry in the Subway

I have to confess to not covering the world of Harry Palmer as much as I should and I have no excuse other that it’s often hard to get my head around exactly what he’s up to. Which is a terrible excuse as that’s a sign of someone doing good shit.

Here’s a good example. What the hell is he up to here?


You’ll note the launch is at 1.30am on the morning of the 23rd. (That’s tomorrow night.) In a city centre subway.

I can’t quite remember where the subway is on Bristol Street but it’ll be somewhere around here:

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  1. dp

    Are there two tunnels in that stretch? One that crosses under the Bristol Road near the auto dealer, and another to the north between the domed building and a 2nd-hand record shop on the corner at Bromsgrove Street? The pointer on your map is between the two. Go north/south a few metres and you’ll spot the ramps. You might also note that it’s a couple of roads away from that murder in a derelict building at Essex Street. A bit creepy for 1:30 then.

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