Jewellery Quarter on the World Heritage map?

Is there a term for news that might turn out to be something substantial or might turn out to be optimistic bluster? Schrödinger’s story? Anyway, news is bubbling up today that the council wants to make the Jewellery Quarter a World Heritage Site. B:INS and Adrian have more. [Later: and Tom]

The money quote: “Although the Quarter has two museums – one of the jewellery, the other celebrating the history of the pen, I’m not sure we’ve got enough to keep the tourists here.”

And if it happens, what will it mean? Less rapacious redevelopment, hopefully but other than that? Um…


  1. Bit of a chicken-egg situation I think. In order to get funding for any more museums/tourist attractions etc you’d need to convince a funding partner/chairy – such as National Trust. Most are unwillign to spend their budget unless in an area already with Heritage designation. So we can’t get designation until there is more on offer, but can’t fund anythign as we aren’t designated. Doh. The council will have to put hands in pockets to get this through – at a time when all eyes are on Eastside…

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