World Unlimited

world_unlimited.jpgI always like it when I come across a group that’s doing an hell of a lot of work in the city that I’ve never heard of before. it says there’s more going on here than I could ever hope to know and that’s a good thing.

An email from World Unlimited (MySpace) came through the other day and quite dazzled me with the amount of information in it (not helped by it being in Comic Sans but I’ll let that slide this once). So I did a bit of digging.

World Unlimited is a voluntary, not for profit, organisation formed in 1989 to bring the best in International roots artists to Birmingham. We held six events that year and it is from that humble beginning that the organisation has grown to over one hundred shows per year. Our aim is to present, via live performances, the best musicians from cultures worldwide as well as UK based musicians including a focus on local artists from the West Midlands. We explore and present traditional roots and contemporary new musics developed and inspired from traditional sources.

They appear to predominantly put on work at The MAC along with the Glee Club and the Hare and Hounds. Here’s their Jan / Feb listings with pretty much a gig every few days.

On the downside their website is quite terrible. Anyone fancy helping them out?