Sleepin’ Deep

sleepin_deep.jpgThe final thing to come out of the Curio City Shop at Five Ways, due to close in March when the area undergoes regeneration, is Sleepin’ Deep at Birmingham Library Theatre on Saturday 26th January 08 at 7.30pm. This was the base for the Reality Estate performance last year.

Sleepin’ Deep is the culmination of 16 multimedia and performance based workshops which have been running at the Curio City Shop in Five Ways, Birmingham over the last 2 years. This unique series of workshops has woven together participants from all parts of life’s rich tapestry. Completely original in its approach, the entire script for Sleepin’ Deep has been written, choreographed, scored and is about to be performed by the participants on the workshop. Formerly untrained non-actors, the diverse collective & the cast of performers have managed to work together successfully across socially-imposed barriers such as; age, postcode areas and ethnicity to stage a multimedia show deserving of a theatre setting.

Due to major regeneration planned for Auchinleck Square, the Curio City Shop will be closing in March 2008, and the crew will no longer be able to work together on Saturdays. But the crew is optimistic about the event and as one young person stated “well it’s our last show, so we’re gonna go out with a bang – it’s the best one we’ve done so far”. So the Curio Crew invites its adoring public to witness…

Tickets are FREE but must be booked – call Emily on 0121 772 6160.