Gigbeth scheduled for 2008

Gigbeth has been confirmed as happening for the third time on November 6th – 8th this year. Meanwhile Audiences Central’s evaluation of the festival is looking positive:

Those who had been involved with the festival previously felt that this year’s festival was bigger and better than last year’s. Most people involved had been contacted or heard about Gigbeth through Clare Edwards, the Festival’s founder. There were several commendations of the festival’s professionalism, with comments that the festival was well organised. Gigbeth’s diversity was also mentioned, as well as it lending a positive image to the Digbeth area.


Suggestions for improvement focussed on addressing technical difficulties, increasing attendance and press coverage. It was generally acknowledged that Gigbeth is still in its foetal stages and that the festival was still growing and learning from experience.


  1. Hi Pete

    I hadn’t seen this yet – so thanks!

    To be clear – I am working towards another Gigbeth BUT as hinted at in the blurb Audiences Central have published we have some things to sort out first. I’ll publish the whole report when it comes out with all the audience figures etc…

    What is nice is that all the people I talk to (even those who witnessed stuff that didn’t work!) seem to want it to happen again – which is why I have put the dates on our Myspace. Those are the dates I suspect we will use (as they coincide with Music Live again).

    We will make a proper announcement when we have lined all the chips up!



  2. So the ‘Gigbeth is‘ reported on Gigbeth’s own MySpace is actually ‘Gigbeth may or may not be’?

    Lovely stuff.

    Welcome back Pete, while I’m here.

  3. i think gigbeth should have spent some money on getting a big act for it to centre on. if the foo fighters had played, every f@%£ker would have turned up at the opening, and prolly gone to more of the festival…

    so ok that’s slightly unrealistic, but there must be a huge act of local origin who could be used to champion the thing. what about ozzy?

  4. I agree that it needs one big act or at least a few semi big acts to get the punters down there. I also think that the programme needs to be more informative on where the gigs are and at what time, first and foremost. A basic timetable then whatever bumf you need about the venues and promoters. This is just from a customer point of view, most people just wanna know whats on, where and what time.

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