CiB Year in Review: February

A daily look at the last 12 months

February saw loads of announcements for festivals, conferences and the like taking place in Birmingham over the year and I did my level best to keep up with them.

Shouted about in Feb were Fierce, BM&AG’s Open Art Show at the Gas Hall, the Plus+ Design Festival, the Moseley Folk Festival, New Art Birmingham, The Event and New Generation Arts. Phew!

On top of this the Digital Film Event for 2008 was announced by Film Birmingham.

Screen WM and Film Birmingham launched their Locations database to encourage more film makers to make movies in the region.

Thanks to D’log cuts in arts funding made their first appearance on the blog.

World TTV day happened and I waved the flag for Birmingham.

A quickly abandoned feature began rounding up gig reviews on other blogs, something I’d like to resuscitate at some point.

Persons and companies profiled on the blog in Feb included TAK!, Temper, The B.E.A.S.T., Simon Peplow, Clusta and Craig Holmes